Alpaco Catering & Equipment is a South African based company servicing the Local and Export Industry in new and refurbished catering equipment.

We are a registered SADC Exporter.

We specialize in the supply of good quality, competitively priced, commercial Catering Equipment, Bakery Equipment and Industrial Kitchen Utensils.

The staff at Alpaco Catering and Equipment have a wide knowledge of stringent criteria, procedures and pricing structures and years of experience.

We specifically market locally manufactured products as well a variety of Imported products.

Alpaco has joined forces with the East African Coffee Company, our coffee beans are brought in from Ethiopia and are Roasted to perfection. There is a structure in place on a rent to own basis for the coffee making machinery with supply of cups, saucers and other coffee making requirements as well as a top class barista to teach you how to make a fine cup of Coffee.

Our commitment is to our Customers and this philosophy has enabled us to stand out in a competitive industry.

Without exception, our staff practice and promote high standards of business ethics.

We look forward to being of service.